Picture Books:
Christmas Stories

Little Jenny's Christmas Wish (love, sacrifice)
The Missing Christmas Stockings (love, sharing, empathy, kindness, poverty)

Birthday Stories

Birthday Cakes Day! (humor)

General Stories

The Smiling Arab (humor)
Akio, the Broken Sparrow (empathy, kindness, forgiveness, disabilities, friendship)
Baby Sandra, Forever (love, grief, acceptance)
Uncle Stan's Garden (empathy, kindness, forgiveness, disabilities)
The Missing Christmas Stockings (love, sharing, empathy, kindness, poverty)
Moody Judy Foodie (poverty, acceptance, fantasy)
Abana's Fears (fears, acceptance)

Multi-cultural Stories

Nina's Beautiful World (hope, positivity, poverty, disabilities)
Friends on the Internet (friendship, disabilities, acceptance)
Does My Skin Color Matter? (skin color, black lives matter)
Soma and the Kind Fairies (fantasy, hope, kindness)

Dragon Stories

Lovey-dovey Dragon in Love (humor) (educational)
Lovey-dovey Dragon's Bath time Trouble (humor) (educational)

LBGTQ+ stories

Stephan & Stephanie (transgender love) (empathy, acceptance, love)


Who is Asleep? (educational) sleeping animals
Who Lives in Poly Pumpkin House? (educational) a vegan story

Board Books:

Where is Baby Dan-o-saurus? (humor)
David's Alphabets (poverty, disabilities, acceptance)

Middle-Grade Fiction:

House of Dads (quirky, off-beat, humor)
Maya, Robot SuperGirl (proposed book series) (sci-fi)
Karim's Promise (empathy, harmony, human rights, memory loss)

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