1. Kidnapped and Other Stories (M.G.) {Children's Book Trust (C.B.T.), 1998}

2. The Computer Ghost & Other Stories(M.G.) (Vikas Publishing House, 2006)

3. 30 Teenage Stories (MG) (CBT 2006 )

4. The Ghostly Tales & Other Stories (M.G.) (Vikas Publishing House, 2007)

5. 6 Plays (MG) (C.B.T. 2008)

6. A Golden Harvest (M.G.) (Vikas Publishing House, 2008)

7. The Banyan Tree (MG) (C.B.T. 2008)

8. 15 Sports Stories (MG) (Vikas Publishing House, 2006)

9. One Big Family (M.G.)(Vikas Publishing House, 2006)

10. Chicken Soup: Teens, Talks Relationship (Y.A., NF) (Westland Book, 2011)

11. Chicken Soup: Bride's Soul ( A, NF)(Westland Book 2011)

12. Chicken Soup: At Work (A, NF)(Westland Book 2012)

13. Lighthouse in the Storm (M.G.)(Ponytale Book 2012)

14. The Star Warriors & Other Stories (M.G.)(Pauline Book India 2016)

15. Hilltop Ghost and Other Stories (M.G.)(Pauline Book India 2012, 2017)

16. Fooled You! (P.B.)(Scholastic India 2018)

17. Tiger Comes Home (P.B.)(DC-Mango Books 2019)

18. A Lesson From Grandma (PB)(National Book Trust India 2019)

19. Granny's Day Out (P.B.)(National Book Trust India 2019)

20. Mysterious Silly Billy & Other Stories (M.G.)(Pauline Book India 2019)

21. The Magical Sunglasses (P.B.)(D.C.- Mango Books 2020)
(Notes: PB= Picture Book MG= Middle-Grade YA= Young Adult A= Adult NF = Non-Fiction)

Cover Stories Featured in Magazines/Books:
Many of my stories have featured on the covers of well known national magazines and books...

Legendary stalwarts of Indian children's literature -- Jagdish Joshi, Suddhasattwa Basu, Tapas Guha, Savio Mascarenhas, Ajanta Guha Thakurta, Deepak Harichandan, Prithvi Gayen, Debasish Deb, Saurabh Pandey, Ankur Mitra, Sanjay Sarkar, Niloufer Wadia, Subir Roy (in random order) have illustrated my children's literary works -- to name a few.